The Broadway Bar and Grill is owned by Brenhan Magee, who’s one passion in life is running great bars and restaurants. He now has a new aim, to put Fulham on the map for great food and drink in London, whilst providing a venue that the local community can be proud of and feel a part of.

To help realise this dream, Brenhan and the team have completely refurbished the entire 17th Century building and have turned it into three separate venues, the Broadway Bar and Grill on the ground floor, Brasa Luxury Grill Restaurant on the first floor and Broadway House Private Members Bar on the second floor and roof terraces. With all venues providing quality food and drink accompanied by service of the highest level at all times.

Brenhan has over twenty years experience in the industry having worked with The Breakfast Group in setting up acclaimed venues such as Jerusalem, Salvador & Amanda and he also owned Soho’s successful Club Bar and Dining. But being Brenhan’s first solo project he has a personal passion and has surrounded himself with professionals who share his enthusiasm. Everyone here is in it together and want to see this new business make its mark in West London.


At The Broadway Bar and Grill we celebrate great British food and simple cooking. Traceability of produce is of utmost importance to us, therefore we offer a menu that is determined by what is freshly available. This combined with a warm welcome and friendly service makes The Broadway Bar and Grill the perfect place for a wholesome breakfast, long lunch meeting, three course dinner, or even just a hearty bitter and a burger. Please take a look at today’s menu below:


Whether you’re after a nice cold pint, a good wine, a classic cocktail, or hearty ale, something from our carefully selected, yet extensive selection of beverages should be able to quench your thirst.

You might want to start your night out with our version of the classic Burntdown Tennese, made using homemade orange infused Jack Daniels, marmalade and old-fashioned Victorian lemonade, which costs £7.50. Or enjoy a bottle of our house wine (Vina Pena, Castilla, Spain, red and white) priced at £13.50 with your meal. Or you might just want a nice cold pint, which will cost you a cool £3.60.

Live Sport

Live Sports
With eight HD plasma screens providing 360 degree viewing in the bar and one in the Private Dining Room upstairs in Brasa, there is no better place to watch your team win. Also, the owner is an avid Chelsea fan and we’re only a few doors down from Stamford Bridge so the atmosphere when the blues are playing is unbeatable. If you have a special request or would like to privately hire the Private Dining Room please contact us.

Here’s a run down of the next few months Euro 2012 football fixtures:

Fri 8th June Warsaw Poland v Greece 17
Fri 8th June Wroclaw Russia v Czech Republic 19.45
Sat 9th June Kharkiv Netherlands v Denmark 17
Sat 9th June Lviv Germany v Portugal 19.45
Sun 10th June Gdansk Spain v Italy 17
Sun 10th June Poznan Rep of Ireland v Croatia 19.45
Mon 11th June Donetsk France v England 17
Mon 11th June Kiev Ukraine v Sweden 19.45
Tue 12th June Wroclaw Greece v Czech Republic 17
Tue 12th June Warsaw Poland v Russia 19.45
Wed 13th June Lviv Denmark v Portugal 17
Wed 13th June Kharkiv Netherlands v Germany 19.45
Thu 14th June Poznan Italy v Croatia 17
Thu 14th June Gdansk Spain v Rep of Ireland 19.45
Fri 15th June Kiev Sweden v England 17
Fri 15th June Donetsk Ukraine v France 19.45
Sat 16th June Wroclaw Czech Republic v Poland 19.45
Sat 16th June Warsaw Greece v Russia 19.45
Sun 17th June Kharkiv Portugal v Netherlands 19.45
Sun 17th June Lviv Denmark v Germany 19.45
Mon 18th June Gdansk Croatia v Spain 19.45
Mon 18th June Poznan Italy v Rep of Ireland 19.45
Tue 19th June Donetsk England v Ukraine 19.45
Tue 19th June Kiev Sweden v France 19.45

Quarter Final

Thu 21st June A – Warsaw 1st Group A v 2nd Group B 19.45
Fri 22nd June B – Gdansk 1st Group B v 2nd Group A 19.45
Sat 23rd June C – Donetsk 1st Group C v 2nd Group D 19.45
Sun 24th June D – Kiev 1st Group D v 2nd Group C 19.45

Semi Final
Wed 27th June Donetsk Winner A v Winner C 19.45
Thu 28th June Warsaw Winner B v Winner D 19.45

Euro 2012 Final
Sun 1st July Kiev FINAL 19.45

Private Hire

With no hire charge, why not have your Birthday/ Wedding Reception/ Team Meeting at West London’s newest and most stylish venue? We have the perfect place for groups from 10 - 500! Email enquiries@broadwaybandg.co.uk for more info. Click here to visit londonlaunch.com

Broadway House

West London's newest and much anticipated private members' club, Broadway House, is now officially open for business. Click here for more info.

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474—476 Fulham Road
London SW6 1BY
Phone: 020 7610 3137

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